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AIRpipe has been engaging in the air compressor industry and air transmission industry ever since 1997 and the company was founded in 2008, making products for compressed air pipeline network system. AIRpipe system is designed to improve user's air quality, change environment and reduce cost of fluid transmission and prolong its lifespan. We have already provided services to over 1,00,000 users at home and abroad. AIRpipe products are upgraded and improved at regular intervals to meet customers needs to the best of our ability. Meanwhile, we guarantee 10 year,s quality assurance and provide excellent services.

The compressed air pipe system plays an important role in the entire line of the production. AIRpipe System adopts the unique patent technology, providing the high quality compressed air under the suitable pressure environment, reducing the energy cost for the client. The spare part for our system are more flexible for installation and can meet different design and production requirements for different customers.

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  • Aluminum tube (supplied in single lengths) available in 3 and 6 meters from 20 to 200mm
  • Installation is flexible, quick and easy
  • Resistant to corrosion, vibration and heat; the air is preserved throughout the system up to point of use
  • Performance of the AIRpipe system differentiates itself trough outstanding design, quality material and efficient production processes
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